Harry Wilson, Ray Kaufman, Hugo Cabrini, Ann Vincent (Marc's wife), Marc Buelinckx, Steve Schaffran

Bodega (right) - La Consulta, Andes mountains at the back (left)

Ray Kaufman

View of the Andes mountains from the vineyard

Roberto's house (left) - Argentinean oven (right)

Bees enjoying our grapes (left) - Grapes from truck for gravity crushing (right)

Roses and vines - Lunch at Don Eugenio (right)

Loading grapes in small picking bins, 2013

Finca Don Eugenio

The vines at purchase vs. the vines today

Roberto at the vineyard

Sunlight going through the vine. The leaves shading the grapes from direct sun

Hand sorting grapes as they gently fall by gravity into fermentation tank

Marc seems to be enjoying the authentic Argentine steak

Harry Wilson

Patrick Campbell, Marc Buelinckx and Steve Schaffran

Roberto, Vineyard Manager & family