Our Label

Our label was designed by Nick Andrews. He is an original artist who got interested in our story. He tried to interpret our respect for the past in Argentina, the land and the people that created the basis of modern Argentina wines.

Here's a short note on the way the artist created the label:

'I started off with small sketches of social, joyful and lyrical interpretations. These I combined with the rhythm of the title Adelante, afterwards I added the year and grape.

This gave me different compositions to work with, horizontal, vertical and circle. I based my designs on 3 images: A social meeting, joyful dance and heritage. I wanted it to have an impressionistic line but also an expressive use of color so I decided to use watercolor as a technique, to give it flow and spontaneity.

My use of colors was based on primary and secondary colors, also the technique of complementary contrast. We chose to work with heritage, with the gaucho, the decked table, the vineyards and the mountains of Mendoza as scenery. This interpretation worked well with the title Adelante.

I made a couple of versions in different shades of tone, and decided for the expressive and primary way. The result on the bottle was also important the way it looked. It was a nice encounter with all my senses; visual, lyrical and tasteful...'

- Nick Andrews

Labels during the creative process