2014 Adelante Malbec

Region: La Consulta, Valle de Uco, Mendoza
Vineyard: Sixty nine year old self rooted vines, alluvial sand and clay soils, at 3,000 feet.
YIELD: 2.5 tons per acre/42 hectoliter per hectare

Adelante Malbec starts with nature and has a soft imprint. We use native yeast and try to harvest our grapes at the right levels to avoid having to add acid. Minimal to no filtration is our goal. Most importantly, we want our wine to be an expression of our piece of land. We are committed to making wines from the La Consulta area, where our vineyard is located. La Consulta is one of Mendoza’s coolest grape growing regions. Although we may have to add a small percentage of wine from another vineyard to enhance the structure and taste of a specific vintage, Don Eugenio Vineyard is the life blood and backbone of Adelante wine.

The growing season

The 2014 vintage was challenging as weather conditions varied from region to region and vineyard to vineyard. It was a year where vintners who farmed for quality were rewarded. Cool weather during the growing season, rain just before grapes started to mature, had the potential to delay ripening. We thinned the vineyard and opened the canopy. Dry warm weather followed and ripening progressed. The grapes gradually and steadily matured. We picked in mid-March before the rains came. These rains negatively impacted the quality of grapes that had high crop levels or were waiting to make wines of high extraction and alcohol.

The style

As usual, we were one of the first to pick in our area. We do this to make a wine that retains freshness and acidity that goes well will food. Only 20% new oak is used so that the character and expression of the vineyard is fully expressed.

The wine: Balance

Between all the elements reflects the vintage. The 2014 Adelante is dark colored with a classical Malbec nose of blue fruit, some spice, and some earth. The predominate fruit flavor is blueberry, with a background of fresh bing cherry in the finish. This combines with the spice element showing hints of a mild pepper with a slight touch of earth. The weight in the middle palate comes from our low yields, rather than oak, alcohol, or r.s. in the wine. . Like the nose and flavors, there is balance in the mouth as well.

THE 2014 Adelante evokes the warmth of La Consulta along with the coolness of the Andes

What people are saying

Santiago Achával-Ferrer - Founding partner-winemaker of Achával-Ferrer, Mendoza “Another favorite winemaker is Ray Kaufman (Adelante). He taught me the simplicity of allowing nature to express itself.”


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